Who is Siri and How Did She Get On the iPhone?

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Who is Siri?

Siri is the voice activated personal assistant on iPhones today. People enjoy talking to Siri and asking her a whole lot of questions. She is available to help you on the iOS, tvOS, macOS and watchOS. Her voice is unique and does not really sound like a person. However, she is reassuring and clearly understandable. Most people wonder about her origin. Here is the story of Siri.

Who is she?

Do you ever wonder who Siri is? Do you think about the origin of her voice? If you have ever pondered these questions, here is the answer. According to a CNN report that was delivered in 2013, a voiceover actress named Susan Bennett made some recordings. These recordings of her voice would eventually be used to engineer the voice of Siri. At the time, the iPhone had not been invented yet. As such, Susan had no idea that she would be speaking to more than 100 million people in future.

According to Susan, the recording process began in 2005 after she had signed a contract with ScanSoft to develop some recordings for a database that would be utilized to create speech. In the month of July that year, Susan Bennett would spend a total of 4 hours every day in her recording booth at home reading sentences and nonsensical phrases. ScanSoft broke down her speech into vowels, syllables, diphthongs and syllables. After doing so, ScanSoft utilized these to create sentences, words and paragraphs. These would later on be pronounced by Siri.

Who is Siri?

Susan’s eventuality

Susan Bennett did not know that she would eventually be the voice of Siri in the iPhone. As a matter of fact, she was quite surprised after finally hearing where her recordings ended up. After thinking about it for a while, Susan decided to reveal her identity as the voice of Siri. After making the announcement, she was startled by the amount of attention that she got. A whole slew of media requests were made to her.

After revealing her identity, she hired a publicist and eventually got a job with one of the top agents of voiceover in the country. According to her interview with CNN, Susan Bennett’s original dream was to provide voiceover for a cartoon character. After voicing Siri, she got so much more than that. Her IMDB profile indicates that she has actually attained quite a number of movie credits since revealing her identity. She has also talked about her story multiple times, even on a TED Talk. Many people estimate that Susan’s net worth is $5.5 million.

How was Siri put into the iPhone?

The process through which Siri was incorporated into the smart phone started in SRI International in 2003. The company actually founded a team that was tasked with incorporating intelligence into the smartphone such that users could simply ask it to perform tasks through texts or voice commands. The team focused on creating software which was driven by your voice that could understand your queries, gain the information that you were searching for and provide you with an answer.

During this project, the toughest part was to make the software actually analyze words and point out concepts for the purpose of understanding a user’s intentions. In 2007, Siri became a separate venture and in 2010, the Siri application was released. This application made it to the top 50 iOS apps. This attracted the attention of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. He proceeded to acquire SRI for $200 million. In her present form, Siri debuted in the iPhone 4s. This version answers your questions using voice responses.

What does Siri say she is?

Some people actually ask Siri who she is. While this has the potential to elicit interesting responses, she has been programmed to give a pretty straightforward answer. Siri replies that she is your virtual assistant that was designed by Apple in California!


One of the most innovative applications in the iOS platform is Siri. She is a virtual assistant with a colorful history. From humble beginnings in Susan Bennett’s home recording booth, Siri is now one of the top virtual assistants and an excellent application for iOS.

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