The Worst Presidents in America’s History Share One Terrible Trait, Does Donald Trump Have It Too?

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The Worst Presidents in America’s History

Over the centuries, America has elected very many presidents. Some of them were loved fiercely while others were hated. However, most of them fell right in between these extremes. Some presidents were very bad people and research by historians has shown that they shared one particularly shocking trait. Read on to discover it.

Which character trait did these presidents have?

There are many ways through which we can measure the negative effects that American presidents have enacted. One of these is the amount of harm that they have caused upon others. Another trait is the intentions behind their actions. Historians have agreed that the character trait that all the worst presidents of the USA share is inhumanity.

This trait has caused them to actively perform, contribute to or turn a blind eye to vices such as atomic warfare, genocide, war and the lack of human rights. Here are some presidents that have displayed this character trait.

George W. Bush

He is regarded as one of the worst presidents due to condoning and using torture against terrorists. He also propagated ideological blindness and incompetence in areas such as Iraq and Afghanistan. By doing so, he caused the emergence of insurgencies resulting in wars and countless deaths.

George W. Bush also caused preventable deaths due to the mismanagement of the toll of Hurricane Katrina. Furthermore, he blocked the development of a nuclear free zone in the Middle East. George W. Bush also made it impossible for the drafting of a chemical warfare treaty.

The Worst Presidents in America’s History

Harry S. Truman

Harry S. Truman led the United States of America during the Second World War. His choice to use atomic bombs against the Japanese civilians is regarded as one of the most inhuman decisions in the history of the world.

He also activated the use of napalm in the Korean War. Harry S. Truman also started up a Cold War and held the world’s safety in the balance. For these reasons, he is grouped among the worst presidents of the USA.

Bill Clinton

Largely regarded as one of the best economist presidents that the USA has ever had, Bill Clinton found the country in debt and left it with a surplus budget. Despite his stellar monetary policies, he is also regarded as one of the worst presidents. This is because he completely ignored the Rwandese Genocide.

This conflict caused the deaths of millions. In a post-genocide statement, Clinton admitted that US involvement would have saved at least 300,000 lives. He also displayed major incompetence that had deadly results in the Somalia invasion.

Richard Nixon

Historians indicate that Richard Nixon was the worst president in the history of the USA. He had a direct role in the Cambodian genocide which further escalated into the Khmer Rouge genocide.

He also condoned the use of Agent Orange and napalm in the Vietnam War. His campaign malpractice that has been immortalized as the Watergate Scandal further cements his position as the worst president that the USA has ever had.


The USA has had 44 presidents so far. They were responsible for great positive events and many negative ones. As indicated above, the worst presidents shared the trait of inhumanity.

So far, Donald Trump is showing signs of this trait. Hopefully, he can learn from their shortcomings and help improve the world in future!

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