Kim Kardashian Needs a Surrogate for Baby Number 4 and Here is Why!

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Kim Kardashian Needs a Surrogate for Baby

The Kardashians are famous, rich and very polarizing. Interestingly, the Kardashian West clan is growing by the minute. In January 2019, there were reports that Keeping Up With the Kardashians star Kim Kardashian and rapper Kanye West are expecting their fourth child through a surrogate mother. Their youngest daughter Chicago was also born through a surrogate in 2017.

The new baby will join her siblings North, Saint, and Chicago as the West children. While we are all excited about a new baby in the family, we’re also wondering why Kim chose to get her latest child via surrogacy. Here is the reason why.

This is due to a condition known as placenta accreta

Did you know that carrying a child to full term and giving birth normally is more dangerous than many would imagine? Kim was able to carry and deliver her first 2 children North and Saint in a natural way. However, she actually suffers from a life-threatening condition which is known as placenta accreta.

In this condition, the placenta gets too firmly attached to the uterine wall. Kim recalled how painful North’s birth was. She stated that the doctor had to put his entire arm insider her womb and detach the placenta manually. The delivery was easy but placental detachment was a nightmare. The doctors had to give Kim a second epidural. However, they were racing against the clock because the placenta was too firmly attached. Finally, it was detached.

Apparently, this condition kills very many women in childbirth. Thankfully, her doctor was able to identify the problem and fix it immediately. After delivering North, the doctor warned her that carrying another pregnancy could be very risky and life-threatening for Kim.

Kim Kardashian Needs a Surrogate for Baby
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Kim also suffered from pre-eclampsia

During her pregnancies, Kim Kardashian also had to deal with pre-eclampsia along with her placenta accreta. BabyCenter UK indicates that this condition causes reduced flow of blood through the placenta. Hence, the baby does not get enough nutrients and oxygen. This restricts their natural growth.

This condition also made Kim get swollen and highly uncomfortable. Furthermore, she actually had to deliver North six weeks early. This was so as to avoid developing complications.

Kim Kardashian Needs a Surrogate for Baby
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Surrogacy is the only option left

Kim and West are now ready to welcome their fourth and last child. He will be born in May 2019. As a matter of fact, Kim loved the surrogate mother that she used for North so much that she is most likely going to use her again to carry the fourth baby.

In an interview with People, Kim indicated that she really enjoyed the process of surrogacy. Whenever it came to breastfeeding, she was happy that it was the best decision that she ever made. It allowed her to spend more time with the older kids to help them get used to the new baby.

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