Is Your Husband a Mama’s Boy? Here are 4 Ways To Handle Him!

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Mama’s Boy

Having a husband that’s a mama’s boy is not always bad. If a man is close to his mother, he is not a mama’s boy in a negative way. However, if he’s attached to his mother at the hip, this can be a problem. If he can’t even function without her, it gets worse. If your husband is of this type, this is how to handle him.

Don’t agree with his demands all the time

If you man is a mama’s boy, he is used to his mother agreeing to every need and want that he requests. However, this does not mean that you need to do the same. Begin by setting boundaries.

Make sure that he knows you will not act in a similar way to his mother. When he’s with his mother, he can act like a boy. However, when he’s with you, he needs to act like a man.

He might try to manipulate you to get what he wants. Therefore, be strong when he brings up accusations against you about not loving him enough. This prevents you from getting manipulated.

Is Your Husband a Mama’s Boy
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Do not move into the mother’s house

If your man is a mama’s boy, moving into her house is a very bad idea. This is because the relationship with his mother will always come before his relationship with you. He will side with her in arguments and might even turn to her when you disagree. This will have you feeling like the third wheel.

If you can’t afford to live together, you shouldn’t get married just yet. However, if you are facing some financial challenges and his parents let you move in, ensure that there’s an end date to this. Otherwise, moving into his mother’s house can cause irreparable damage to your marriage.

Is Your Husband a Mama’s Boy
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Don’t confront his mother

As the wife, it is not your place to approach your mother in law and make it known that you want her to back off. If there’s someone who you need to about this situation it should be your husband. Don’t do it while angry. Ensure that you are sensitive about it. In addition to that, point out that you feel a bit jealous and would love to have some alone time with him more often.

Tell him that you like his mother. Also, indicate that you don’t mind visiting her house at least once a month. However, she shouldn’t be coming to your dates because she is lonely or does not respect boundaries. While you still want her in your lives, it is important for him to create space for you to grow closer as a couple.

Is Your Husband a Mama’s Boy
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Make sure to prevent his mother from making life decisions for you

If he is comfortable with it, your mother in law can make your husband’s choices. She might pick a career, clothing and food for him. If he ends up incapable of making these decisions on his own, there’s a problem. Don’t let his mother make decisions about your relationship. Moreover, her opinion should not hold any importance in your career paths, finances, vacations or parenting. She should also not be involved in any marital disagreements that you have.

If your husband is extremely attached to his mother, you should have a look at how this is actually damaging your marriage. You might have received some red flags while dating but ignored them. If you communicate with him and it does not resolve the mama’s boy problem, you can seek professional help.

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