Is Coming to America 2 going to have Eddie Murphy in it?

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Its official now, the classic movie Coming to America is getting a sequel! Eddie Murphy wrote and starred in the original film. The movie follows Prince Akeem acted by Murphy. He is a prince from a wealthy African country called Zamunda. He decided to escape his arranged marriage by fleeing to Queens, New York. Here, he hopes to find a foreign wife instead. With the help of his best friend named Semmi acted by Arsenio Hall, Prince Akeem disguises himself as a foreign exchange student. He proceeds to find a job as a fast food worker in McDowell’s restaurant. Since we now have information that the sequel is coming up, will Murphy be back?

Murphy will act as Prince Akeem

He is going to return to his role and will most likely be a king in the sequel. Through Deadline, he released a statement indicating that he’s thrilled to make this sequel. They have made up an excellent team led by Craig Brewer. He did a great job on Dolemite and Murphy is enthusiastic to bring all the classic characters back to the screen.

Much of the first cast will be back. Murphy is going to resume his role as Prince Akeem. Other cast members from the original film are Shari Headley and John Amos. They will be joined by Arsenio Hall and James Earl Jones.

Is Coming to America 2

What will the sequel be about?

Coming to America 2 was written by Kenya Barris. He created Black-ish. The movie will be directed by Craig Brewer, the mind behind Hustle and Flow. Brewer has had a relationship with Murphy since the movie Dolemite Is My Name.

Large sections of the Coming to America 2 storyline is still under wraps. However, the movie will follow Prince Akeem finding out that he has a long lost son. He heads back to America to find his son and restore their relationship.

Seeing as he is the heir to Zamunda, the young prince will have to learn his heritage and discover how to carry himself in a royal way. The sequel is over 3 decades in the making. Craig Brewer is capable of creating an entirely fitting cinematic world in every movie that he makes. He is impressive and adds a dramatic effect to bring stories to life. From his work in early movies, Brewer never fails to impress. There is no release date just yet. However, the movie will be released in 2019.

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