Clean Up Your Living Room in a Quarter Hour Flat

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Clean Up Your Living Room in a Quarter Hour Flat

Ring Ring Ring goes your phone! After a short conversation, you have guests on the way to your house in 30 minutes! Your living room is a roaring mess! What are you going to do? Firstly, calm down. Interestingly, you can clean your living room in 15 minutes without breaking a sweat! Here’s how to do it!

Items that you’ll need

  1. A waste basket for the trash
  2. A large, empty box in which you’ll put the items that you want to keep
  3. 2 washcloths; one should be damp and the other dry
  4. A light freshener
  5. A vacuum cleaner
  6. Plants and fresh flowers
  7. Calming, soothing music

Clean Up Your Living Room in a Quarter Hour Flat
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How to clean your living room

Grab the large, empty box and the waste basket. Place both of them in the center of your living room.

Proceed to collect any glasses and dishes that are in the room. Take them to the kitchen and place them in the dishwasher or a cupboard. They should simply be out of sight.

Collect any garbage and trash which you’ve got such as newspapers, old magazines, take out wrappers and put them in the wastebasket.

Pick up any item which shouldn’t be in your living room. Examples of these are mail, toys, clothing and work equipment. Place them inside the large, empty box.

After that, pick up the waste basket and the box. Take them directly to your basement, garage or closet. Essentially, they should be in an out of the way spot. Don’t begin putting the items in their drawers just yet. There’s no time. Simply get them out of sight!

Pick up your washcloths. Take the damp but wrung out cloth and wipe off mirrors, picture frames and surfaces in your living room. After that, dry these sections off with the other cloth.

Proceed to wipe up the tabletops, objects and furniture with the damp washcloth. Also, remove all moisture using the dry cloth.

Pick up some new, clean magazines and stack them neatly on the coffee-table. Also, arrange the decorative items in your living room such that they have an attractive arrangement.

Do you have some fresh, live plants in your home? Place them around your living room.

Proceed to spritz an air freshener around as well. Make sure it is light and not overwhelming.

Quickly vacuum up the heavy traffic spaces in your living room.

With swift movements, proceed to wipe-down the powder room. After that, make sure to put out some clean, fresh and dry hand towels.

Conclude by combing your hair and turning on some soft music.

Sit down and graciously welcome your guests!

Clean Up Your Living Room in a Quarter Hour Flat
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Extra tips

While cleaning your living room, make sure that you move quickly! Any unneeded items should be placed out of sight for later sorting.

If you can, delegate the cleaning of the kitchen and bathroom to others

After your guests arrive, concentrate purely upon them. This will make you a gracious host.

Don’t do too much. Just be quick!

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