Here’s a Product You Can Drink To Lower Your High Blood Pressure!

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High Blood Pressure

It is general knowledge that high blood pressure can seriously endanger your health. Often referred to as hypertension, it is a condition where the blood is pushing too hard against the walls of your blood vessels. This can cause tremendous damage to them. Eventually, it can cause a stroke or a heart attack. Worst of all, high blood pressure does not have any symptoms. This means that you could be in a life-threatening situation without even knowing it. Interestingly, your genes can actually put you at risk of high blood pressure. It is reassuring to know that you can prevent the emergence of this condition by maintaining a healthy diet. This can be done by drinking BRU Broth. Here is more about it.

Discover the health benefits of bone broth

Bone broth may be the most ideal accompaniment that you need for your meal or relaxation session. It is made like many other meaty broths. This beverage also tastes just like them. Bone broth is actually very good for those who deal with issues such as the leaky gut syndrome. This beverage is also very rich in collagen. Therefore, it can assist to make your skin look and feel younger. It also contains other minerals that can give you stronger bones, a more robust immune system and better sleep at night.

BRU Broth for you

The BRU Broth is designed and packaged to make it very portable. It was created and founded by Soo-Ah. She grew up consuming bone broth made by her mother. As a result of her experience, Soo wanted to make a product that was tasty and nourishing while still very portable.

Today, you can get BRU Broth in the refrigerated section of stores all over the nation. As a matter of fact, her bone broths were the first 100% USDA-approved organic bone broths available to the masses. She also pioneered the inclusion of fruit juices and cold-pressed vegetables to her products. These juices add some flavor and minerals that you wouldn’t get in any other regular bone broth.

BRU Broth for high blood pressure

There are various types of BRU Broths. For example, the Hug in Mug broth contains coconut aminos. They give the fluid a salty and sweet flavor. Another type is the Hot Greens chicken bone broth. It contains some greens as well as a jalapeno note. The Cayenne Zen bone broth is made from beef and not chicken. As such, it has a richer flavor.

Soo also made some BRU Bone Broth that helps to reduce blood pressure. It is known as the BRU’s Beet Blush flavor. This broth contains ginger, fennel and beets as well. The beets contain betaine and folate. As such, they can reduce blood pressure quite substantially. Moreover, the ginger dilates your blood vessels. This makes it great for your heart.


BRU Broth has a unique taste that may be initially off-putting. However, Soo has added special ingredients and flavors that give it an amazing twist. They also make your heart healthier while also making the broth easy to incorporate into your recipes. For example, the Beet Blush BRU Broth can be combined with legumes, leafy greens and olive oil too!

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