Here are the Biggest Scams of Black Friday!

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Biggest Scams of Black Friday

The biggest shopping bonanza in the world is known as Black Friday. It is characterized by tremendous discounts on various shopping items. During this shopping bonanza, you can enjoy offers such as 50% discounts, free delivery among others. While many of these shopping offers are legitimate, many of them are not. There are thousands of Black Friday shopping scams. This is especially on the Internet. Here are some of the biggest scams that you can suffer on Black Friday.

The friendly text message that means you harm

So many people normally do their Black Friday shopping on the Internet. Thus, online scammers have become very creative in convincing online shoppers to hand over their personal details. One of the scams which they use is sending unsuspecting shoppers a text message which resembles a large gift card. Within the message, you may be asked to click upon a link. Having done so, you are also encouraged to leave some personal information so as to win a shopping gift card from a big retailer such as Walmart or Target.

If you click on this link, specific personal details are collected by the sender. This information is pooled and used to scam other people. Moreover, with this data, the con can access your address book and cause further harm. Therefore, do not click on any suspicious links in your text messages or emails during the Black Friday season. If you receive this type of message from a friend, ignore it and inform them that their identity is being used maliciously.

Double check to find out exactly where a package is coming from

You may decide to buy a gift for someone on an online store such as Amazon during Black Friday. As you do so, double-check where it is coming from. That’s because you could actually be buying directly from a third party. If this party is from a foreign country, it could be a con job and your package might never ever be delivered to you even after making the payment.

Upon requesting for your product, the con artist may indicate that the package arrived at your home and was returned. They may even disappear from the scene if you make any queries. As you buy products online, make sure to check the return policy. This can help you to get fully refunded or guarantee that you receive the product that you bought.

Be careful about what you ‘like’ online

In the same way that text messages can arrive in your phone and end up being scams, you can also receive requests to like pages on Facebook. The moment that you do, hackers can begin to mine your personal information. They can sell or misuse it afterwards. To avoid this, try to stay away from tapping on too many pages during the Black Friday season. Staying away from these pages can help to keep you safe.

Biggest Scams of Black Friday
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There is no larger shopping bonanza than Black Friday. It comes with brand new products, highly attractive discounts and much more. You can avoid getting scammed during this season by following the guidelines indicated above. They are guaranteed to keep you safe from scams and cons at all times.

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