Feeling Artsy? Here is How You Can Be Your Own Painter!

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Be Your Own Painter

An effective way to change the appearance of your home is to repaint the walls. This is often a great project for Do-It-Yourselfers. Painting your walls is surprisingly easy. It is interesting and allows you to express yourself through the colors that you choose. Here is how to paint a wall on your own.

Have a plan

Visualize how you want the finished project to look. It is also not necessary for all four walls to have the same shade. Instead, consider contrasting colors. Furthermore, think about painting your ceiling.

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Pick a color

There are literally millions of colors today. Finding just a few for your home can be very challenging. Therefore, it is important to pick a color according to the characteristics that you want.

Are you interested in warm or cool colors? Do you want a vivid or a neutral shade? Do you want to complement your furniture or art? Think about these factors as you choose some colors. Get the samples and observe how they look under various lighting conditions.

Be Your Own Painter
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Get the equipment which you want

Every painting project is different from the other. Therefore, some tools may be applied in a particular project and inapplicable in another. However, there are some which are basically used in almost all painting projects. They include paint, a roller, an extension pole, and a paint tray. You are also likely to use some painter’s tape, paintbrushes, and rags.

Find out the amount of paint that you’ll need

This is an essential step to perform as you paint your walls. The general rule of thumb is that 1 gallon of paint is enough for 400 square feet. Also, remember that every project requires 2 coats. Furthermore, a dark color needs more coats of paint than a lighter one.

Be Your Own Painter
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Prepare the walls and the rooms which you want to paint

This is an important step to take as you proceed to paint your home. Get all the furniture out of the room. If you are unable to do so, simply push everything to the center. Get a drop cloth and cover everything with it. Some light plastic sheets are also effective for this. Apply some painter’s tape on the edges of the walls, corners and crown moldings. Apply the tape on the door and window casings. Use the putty knife to seal the tape in place.

Be Your Own Painter
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Mix the paint effectively

You can mix up your paint using any solid stick that you’ve got. If you are using more than a gallon of paint, stir and re-stir often.

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Select a painting technique

After you have prepared all the items that you require, it is time to pick a technique. Generally, you should paint from the top of your wall going downwards. If two or more walls share a color, paint them first.

If you get light paint on a wall which you want to color dark, don’t worry. This is because the darker color will cover up the light shade. Paint one wall at a time. Also, use a brush to cut in. This is where you use a paintbrush upon the corners and molding. A roller can be used on the other expenses of the wall. When the wall is dry, you can add a second coat.

Be Your Own Painter
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Remember to ventilate

It is very important to ventilate the room as you paint it. This can be achieved by opening the windows and using fans inside as well. This allows for easier circulation. It also enhances the speed at which the paint dries.

Clean the room afterward

Once you’ve applied multiple coats of paint on your walls and they are dry, it is time to clean up the room. Remove the painter’s tape carefully. Pick up all drop cloths and remove any spills or splatters.

If you used water or latex based paint, you can clean up the brushes using soapy water. On the other hand, if you used oil based paint, you will require a mineral spirit to clean the brushes. These same solutions can be used to clean up the paint roller.

Be patient with your project

How long your project takes depends on a few factors. One of these is the size of the room that you’re painting. It also depends on your painting technique and how good at it you are. Some spaces can be painted fully in just a few hours while others require days. Assign more time to the project than you think is required. Also, account for the preparation and clean up phases as well.

Painting your own walls can be an interesting and rewarding process. The tips above can help you to accomplish it successfully. Remember to observe safety as you paint and have fun as well!

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