Does Jenelle Evans from Teen Mom 2 Plan to Leave the Show?

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Does Jenelle Evans from Teen Mom 2 Plan to Leave the Show?

Jenelle Evans hasn’t been having the smoothest time on Teen Mom 2. Therefore, it isn’t surprising that she plans to leave the show. However, does actually plan to leave soon? Discover more right here.

David Eason is the reason

According to Jenelle Evans, her husband David Eason told her to leave the show. He was uncomfortable with Jenelle’s role in Teen Mom 2. He was earlier fired from the show after making some homophobic tweets. After that, he started to talk to Jenelle about quitting the show. According to an interview that Jenelle did with US Weekly, Evans told her to do it for the money and then get out afterward.

A budding host

Many are wondering what she’s got planned after leaving Teen Mom 2. To this query, Jenelle indicates that she plans to host her own show. She also wants to get some professional jobs in the entertainment industry. Seeing as she has ample experience working on reality TV, she is confident that some new jobs can open up for her.

In terms of knowledge, she is looking at her old episodes and learning from them. However, her ambition is focused solely in the future. Being a TV host is something that Evans would be elated to do.

Does Jenelle Evans from Teen Mom 2 Plan to Leave the Show?
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Some ghastly reports from crew members

Reports were swirling around Teen Mom 2 that the crew was reluctant about shooting Jenelle’s episodes. That’s because they were very scared of David Eason. A video emerged of David threatening to shoot up trespassers who invaded his land. After this video surfaced, Jenelle’s crew became scared to shoot her episodes. An inside source revealed to Ashley’s Round Up that the crew is actually scared to even approach her.

According to another source, the crew is not comfortable working with Jenelle. David has a ton of weapons and has made it clear that he does not want anyone from MTV on his property. The crew has had numerous conversations about David appearing on set and opening fire. He is known to turn violent if he’s in a bad mood. This emotional instability is most likely the reason why he made the tweets. Therefore, the crew members are literally living in fear.

They are not happy with Jenelle and are not excited about working on the show. The negative mood is further propelled by Evans. She is not happy about her role in the show. As a matter of fact, she has already threatened to quit because she was not happy about how the show portrayed her. Despite her misgivings, there is no concrete evidence that she will actually leave Teen Mom 2. At least not yet.

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