Do You Want to Make Your Nose Look Smaller? Here are 3 Powerful Tricks!

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Make Your Nose Look Smaller

One of the most interesting creations in modern times is makeup. It can transform your face in amazing ways. Best of all, it achieves this without being intrusive. Makeup is also easy to apply. You can use makeup to hide or accentuate a feature on your face by using specific techniques. One of the tricks which you can perform using makeup is making your nose look smaller.

Many women desire to make their noses look more petite. This can be done using makeup. It tricks the eye to see something other than reality. By using makeup, you can take advantage of the available light to distort the appearance of your nose. In this way, when people look at it, they’ll see a slimmer one.

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Makeup can help you to draw the observer’s attention to particular parts of your nose. This is where you use light and shade to establish an ideal balance. Here are 3 tricks that you can use to change the appearance of your nose.

Make Your Nose Look Smaller
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How you can make your wide nose look slimmer

If you would like to make your wide nose look slim, simply bring your eyebrows in closer above your nose. This is an instant and effective way to make it look much slimmer than before. By using an eyebrow pencil, you can draw your eyebrows such that they’re thicker and closer than before.

Make Your Nose Look Smaller
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Slim down a round nose

Is the tip of your nose rounder or larger? You can effectively slim it down using makeup. Do not use highlighter on your nose. Substitute it with a shimmering bronzer such as the Golden Sands 3D Highlighter or Tahiti. Apply it right above the central section of your nose. This attracts visual attention to this slender part of your nose. Applying some highlighter on this part of the nose goes a long way in making it look slimmer.

Make Your Nose Look Smaller
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Hide a bump

You may have a bump on your nose which needs hiding. This can be done by using makeup. Begin by contouring your nose. After that, apply some matte bronzer on this bump. This makes the nose look straighter. After that, apply some highlight on the tip of your nose. This attracts attention away from the particular bump on your nose.

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As you implement these tricks, do not add any highlights to your hair because they take attention away from your face. Bangs also need to be avoided because they narrow the focus upon your nose. Also, make your eyes look bigger using eyeliner, lashes or some vibrant eye shadow. Last but not least, wear your hair with a side part.

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