Do You Want a Stronger Butt? Here are Some Glute Exercises That You Can Perform!

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Stronger Butt with Glute Exercises

Everyone wants a firmer butt. It can be achieved by performing activities that focus on the muscles in your butt. Simply referred to as your glutes, the butt muscles can be toned. There are 3 different muscles in your butt. They include the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus.

If you want to carve your glutes, it is essential to hit them using a variety of exercises and cardiovascular activities. While it is not possible to actually change the shape of your butt, you can firm it up and make it stronger. Here are some exercises that you can perform towards this effect.

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This is the ultimate exercise to perform for toning your glutes. Squats directly target the gluteus maximus. This is the largest muscle in your glutes. By performing a squat, you are able to implement a positive effect on other parts of your lower body. These include the calves, hips, thighs, and core. A proper squat is performed with a weight on your shoulders, a straight back and a 90-degree bend at your knees.

Stronger Butt
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One of the most effective exercises to perform for butt toning is the lunge. It is performed by making large steps forward with a weight on your shoulder. During the lunges, it is very important to stabilize your body. This forces the muscles on your thighs to work hard. Your calves, quads, and hamstrings are also involved when you are performing lunges. In this way, lunges tone your butt and thighs at the same time.

Step Ups

Another exercise that you can use to tone your butt is the step up. This exercise normally requires a prop in form of a box or a makeshift platform. For step ups to work, step up on a platform and make sure that your knee bends at a 90-degree angle. Also, place all your body weight on the ball of your stepping foot. Ensure that your back is straight and your thigh muscles hold the weight. You can hold weights in your hands to add intensity to step ups.

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Sidestep squats

This is a unique type of exercise that targets the smaller muscles of your gluteus minimus and medius. Seeing that you are still squatting, the gluteus maximus is still involved. For you to enjoy the benefits of sidestep squats, it is necessary to use resistance bands. Sidestep squats can be transformed into compound movements. This can be done if you hold the handles of the resistance bands. This creates an exercise where your biceps become involved too.

Perform butt squeezes on a ball

An excellent exercise which you can perform so as to work on your glutes is the butt squeeze. It adds instability to your lower body. As a result, all the muscles become involved in every movement. As you perform butt squeezes, you can actually hold some weights in hand. This increases the intensity of the exercise. You can lift your toes to get more out of every movement.

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Go hiking

There are other activities which you can perform outside the gym to exercise your glutes. An example of such an exercise is to go hiking. It works directly on the muscles in your butt. Hiking is well known to be a cardiovascular exercise that can burn many calories. The upward movement works directly on your butt and collective leg muscles. If you are carrying a backpack, this increases the effectiveness of your workout. The scenery and camaraderie with colleagues can help to improve the hiking experience even further.

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This is a great workout for your body. It is especially great for your butt. By performing front kicks, sidekicks, roundhouses and back kicks, you’re able to work on your glutes, thighs, legs and hips. Seeing as kickboxing also involves punching, it also works your upper body.

Stronger Butt with Glute Exercises
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Hip extensions

If you want to work out your glutes in a more focused way, you can perform hip extensions. They focus on your gluteus maximus. By adding weight to your ankles as you perform the hip extensions, you can effectively make the workout even more intense.

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One-legged deadlift

Fitness enthusiasts understand that deadlifts are excellent for your hamstrings and lower back. If you perform this workout on one leg, it gets even more intense. Seeing as it will require you to stabilize your body, this also adds to the intensity. As you perform the one-legged deadlift, make strive to maintain the correct form. This protects your back from injury.

The exercises indicated above can help you to tone your butt. They are effective and deliver long term results if they are performed regularly. Make sure to observe safety as you perform these exercises.

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