Discover Why the Queen Declare War on Meghan Markle’s Favorite Foods in the Buckingham Palace!

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Meghan Markle’s Favorite Foods

Prince George, Princess Charlotte and their aunt Meghan Markle have something in common. They all love pasta! They relish in the Italian dish and enjoy every bite of it. Unfortunately, Queen Elizabeth II does not share the sentiment. She does not allow this dish in the palace menu.

Dining rules in the royal household

According to the former head chef at Buckingham Palace, Darren McGrady, the Queen of England has some very strict rules about the food that makes it on to palace plates. This is especially so for pasta. She doesn’t like eating it and prefers to have it stricken from the menu entirely.

The Queen believes that pasta is very starchy and not good for your health. Along with pasta, she has banned rice, and potatoes from the menu for the same reason.

Despite her dislike for pasta, the Queen does allow the palace residents to enjoy this dish on special occasions. Examples of these are State Dinners and Christmas too. At least they get to enjoy the dish from time to time.

Meghan Markle’s Favorite Foods
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Differing palates

Meghan Markle loves a variety of dishes which the Queen dislikes. One of such is garlic. Meghan can’t get enough of the spicy ingredient. On the other hand, the Queen hates garlic with a passion. As a matter of fact, she ordered that garlic be removed from all royal menus in the Buckingham Palace, Sandringham Estate and Windsor Castle among other royal homes.

Meghan also loves dining on Sushi. Unfortunately, this shellfish has been banned across the entire royal family. Believe it or not, Meghan and her husband Prince Harry can’t have sushi even in the privacy of their own home!

Royal rules of the dining table

It is well known that having dinner with the Queen of England is not easy at all. There are many rules which must be followed strictly. They include:

  1. No fuss allowed: If you need to use the restroom during the meal, simply get up with no fuss at all and leave the table. You do not have to let anyone know that you intend to leave.
  2. The queen’s purse sign: If at any moment the Queen puts her purse on the table, dinner must end in 5 minutes! If you were only halfway through your delicious meal, you have to conclude and end it within this period of time.
  3. Royal finale: By the time the Queen finishes her food, everyone else needs to have finished theirs. It is considered very rude to continue eating after the Queen is done dining.


The Queen of England rules her household just as strictly as she rules the empire. Seeing as she just joined the family, Meghan has to follow the rules just like everybody else. Thankfully, she can enjoy her favorite meals once in a while!


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