Discover the Identity of the Fiji Water Girl!

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Discover the Identity of the Fiji Water Girl!

The Golden Globes 2019 Red Carpet featured huge names such as Emily Blunt, Lady Gaga and Kiki Layne among others. However, no one stole the show like the FIJI Water girl. While some of the most elite Hollywood stars posed for photographs on the red carpet, the FIJI Water girl stood a little to their right or left and photobombed their pictures. She sported a side glance and wore a very classy blue ballgown. Who is she?

Her identity is revealed

We all hope that the FIJI Water girl can continue photobombing stars throughout the 2019 awards season. Her name is Kelleth Cuthbert. She has only one mission throughout the movie awards season, to photobomb as many celebs as she can. She is the spear’s point of a genius advertising campaign by FIJI Water. So far, her efforts have gone viral and everyone is calling her a Golden Globes star too!

She is a model and commercial actress

One undeniable fact about the Golden Globes red carpet is that it was full of models and actresses. This included the FIJI Water girl. From an interview with People, Kelleth Cuthbert works as a fashion model and a commercial actress. This is why she was excellent at posing for the camera.

Discover the Identity of the Fiji Water Girl!
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She stole the spotlight unintentionally

While most of the world trust that Kelleth’s professional photobombing was a publicity stunt performed for FIJI Water, she claims that her minor stardom was entirely unintentional. According to her statement with People, she said that there are hundreds of photographers at the Golden Globes and no matter where you stand, you will be in the crossfire of a shot.

When asked how her photobombs emerged so perfectly, she claimed that firstly you need to have a good face. Secondly, you need to look at the camera at just the right moment. Hence, she was able to take great snaps and excellent photobombs.

She didn’t know about her resultant fame

On the evening of the Golden Globes, Kelleth Cuthbert was one of the most talked about celebrities. As a matter of fact, she had no idea that she would get that much attention. She didn’t have her smartphone on her so was completely unaware of the social media frenzy that she’d started.

FIJI Water is entirely grateful

After she went viral, FIJI Water loved Kelleth Cuthbert’s work. The mineral water brand headed to Twitter to join the meme fun on Sunday night. They began by addressing her presence on the red carpet. Through a tweet, they indicated immense gratitude that everyone was talking about FIJI Water.

She is the biggest meme of 2019

Only a few days into the new year, the girl has taken the meme world by storm. She is already a major competitor for the most influential meme globally. The Internet can’t get enough of her and so can’t we!

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