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Jenna Bush Hager

During the time that George W. Bush was president, the spotlight regularly shone upon his twin daughters Jenna and Barbara. Despite her father having left the office in 2008, Jenna has maintained some celebrity over time. Here is all that you need to know about Jenna Bush Hager.

She’s really grown up from her party animal days

When her dad was the president, Jenna and her sister got in trouble for getting involved in underage alcohol-related issues two times in 5 weeks. Jenna and her sister were caught trying to buy a drink from a Mexican restaurant called Chuy’s. They were both 19 but the legal drinking age in Texas is 21.

Jenna tried to use a fake ID that had been borrowed from a friend to try and get the beer. Unfortunately, the waiter discovered their ploy and notified the manager. Jenna and her sister ended up with cash fines of $51.25 and 8 hours of community service. Thankfully, her partying days are now far behind her.

Jenna Bush Hager
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Once she completed working on the 2004 election campaign for her father, Jenna joined the teaching profession and also started writing. She also became a correspondent for education on the Today show in NBC. Over the years, Jenna’s role has increased. She now performs fill-in duties for Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford. Seeing as Gifford is exiting the show, rumors indicate the Jenna could be next up for the job.

Her marriage was born in the White House

Jenna met her future husband Henry Hager while working on her father’s 2004 election campaign. During this time, Hager was working as the Deputy Operations Manager. He later on got positions in the U.S. Department of Commerce until the year 2006. 2 years later, Henry and Jenna were married in their parents’ ranch in Texas. Today, they live in New York with their daughters Poppy and Mila.

Her second daughter is named after the family patriarch

Jenna happily indicated that her daughter wasn’t given just any name. She was christened after George Bush Sr. His nickname while growing up was Poppy. After he passed away recently, Jenna expressed that it was a gift for her daughters to have got to know their grandfather. It was also a big honor that they could name their second daughter Poppy after a humble, principled and kind man. They all loved him fiercely and he loved them all back just the same.

Jenna Bush Hager
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Jenna Bush reveals that life after the White House can be productive and rewarding. She gives back to the community in her own way. As such, she is regarded as an All-American working lady and the public respects her for it!

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