Discover Some Fascinating Things About Donald Trump Jr.

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Fascinating Things About Donald Trump Jr

President Donald Trump has 5 children. The eldest of them all is known as Donald Trump Jr. He is a businessman. As a result, he has made some appearances on his father’s show, The Apprentice. Over the years, he has kept an office in the Trump Tower a few stories below his father’s penthouse suite. Here are some interesting facts about Donald Trump Jr.

He met his future wife in a fashion show

Donald Trump took the younger Trump to a fashion show. While there, the senior Trump introduced his son to a model named Vanessa Haydon. The young pair met a few more times. After that, they developed some unmistakable chemistry and began dating. After a few years, they got married in Donald Trump senior’s Mar-a-Lago property that’s located in Florida.

He proposed to his wife with a free engagement ring

According to Cosmopolitan magazine, a jeweler in New Jersey made a deal with Donald Trump Jr. If the businessman would propose to his girlfriend in front of the jeweler’s shop, the younger Trump would get an engagement ring for free. The young businessman took the jeweler up on his offer and actually did exactly that!

Fascinating Things About Donald Trump Jr
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During an interview on Larry King Live, the senior Trump remarked that his son needs to be very careful with such things. That’s because the younger Trump has a very popular and powerful name.

Donald Trump Jr loves hunting big game

Donald Trump Jr. loves to hunt big game. He enjoys hunting down the planet’s biggest and most powerful predators. His hobby has been a major conflict point over the years. It reached fever pitch when a photograph of the younger Trump holding the severed tail of an elephant was circulated on Twitter.

He took a year off after completing from college

After he graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, Donald Trump Jr. took time off from business life for an entire year. According to Vanity Fair, he took this time to ski, hunt and fish in Aspen. During this time, he didn’t speak to his father. In September of the following year, he went home and began to work on the family business.

Trump Jr speaks fluent Czech

Donald Trump Jr.’s mom comes from the Czech Republic. When he was a youth, he spent the Summer holidays visiting his maternal grandparents. Over time, he learned how to speak Czech. He is actually fluent in the language.

Fascinating Things About Donald Trump Jr.
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He is interested in politics

In one of his social media accounts, Donald Trump Jr. confessed that he misses the presidential campaign. In an interview with Page Six, Donald Trump Jr. indicated that the political bug bit him in 2017. Today, he runs the Trump Organization alongside his brother Eric Trump. While the younger Donald does not have the time to run for presidential office, he might run for the New York governorship.

Sparked a major controversy on the Internet

In September 2016, Donald Trump Jr. tweeted a meme that compared Syrian refugees with Skittles. This wasn’t the first time that the younger Donald was criticized for his tweets. He might actually love the controversy.


Definitely born into one of the most powerful political families today, Donald Trump Jr. is definitely his own man. He is controversial and talented in equal portions. The facts above lift the veil of privilege and reveal the man underneath.



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