Are You a Fan of the Friends TV Show? Here are its Best Episodes and Exactly Where You Can Get Them!

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Best Episodes of the Friends TV Show

One of the most adored TV shows of all time is Friends. People all over the world can still recognize its opening soundtrack 15 years after the show’s final episode aired. Thanks to the popularity of Friends, the stars of this show went on to pursue hugely successful careers.


Jennifer Aniston played Rachel and Courtney Cox played Monica. David Schwimmer played Monica’s brother Ross and Lisa Kudrow played Phoebe. Always stealing the show, Matt LeBlanc played Joey while Matthew Perry played Chandler.

The first episode of the show was aired in 1994 and its last one was beamed across TV sets in 2004. Here are the best episodes and where you can watch them today.

Do you want to watch Friends? Here’s where you can get it

Despite the show has ended, you can still watch reruns through Netflix. Other online platforms where you can watch this show include iTunes, Vudu and Google Play. You can watch up to 236 episodes of the show online.

Best Episodes of the Friends TV Show
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These are the most interesting ones

“The blackout”: Season 1, episode 7

Thanks to a city-wide blackout, most of the Friends cast finds themselves stuck in the girls’ apartment. Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Ross and Rachel end up in hilarious situations in the darkness. On the other hand, Chandler gets stuck in an ATM with Jill Goodacre.

“The Superbowl aftermath”: Season 2, episodes 12 & 13

After singing songs that touch very honestly on subjects such as death, Phoebe becomes a sensation with some children. Ross and Marcel go on a day date. Chandler suffers through woeful pranks played by a fourth-grade classmate who is seeking revenge. This episode was actually 2 in 1 and it aired for an entire hour.

“Prom video chronicles”: Season 2, episode 14

An early prom video reveals that the beautiful, svelte Monica was once fat. Rachel appears in the video too and they have very 80s hair. Thanks to a collection of one-liners, it ends up being supremely hilarious.

“The dollhouse”: Season 3, episode 20

After her aunt passed away, Monica inherits a lovely dollhouse. Unfortunately, she does not want to share it with Rachel. This prompts the latter to build a magical dollhouse. Meanwhile, Chandler is out on truly horrifying dates with Rachel’s boss. He desperately tries to dump her but hilarity ensues.

Best Episodes of the Friends TV Show
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“Embryo business and a big bet”: Season 4, episode 12

Phoebe undergoes some artificial insemination at a fertility clinic. This is to save the family of her once-estranged younger brother whose wife can’t conceive. In the meantime, Ross creates a trivia game. Joey and Chandler team up against Monica and Rachel in the game to see who wins. The objective is to find out which gender knows the most about the other. The winners get the girls’ New York City apartment.

“All the Thanksgivings”: Season 5, episode 8

In this episode, we see all the worst Thanksgiving parties that the Friends have ever been in. The highlight of this show is where we all see Chandler’s Flock of Seagulls hairstyle!

“The big reveal”: Season 5, episode 19

Fans on Ranker indicated that this is the best Friends episode ever. Here, Phoebe discovers that Chandler and Monica have had a closet romance for a long time. After that, Rachel and Phoebe start messing with the secret couple and their activities are discovered. The two pairs go at each other with outrageous pranks.

Friends remain one of the best TV shows ever. Its best episodes are indicated above. You can watch them all as reruns online today!

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