Amazing Things That You Didn’t Know Your Body Could Do!

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Amazing Things That You Didn’t Know Your Body Could Do

The human body is a wondrous system. It is made up of a combination of parts which work cooperatively. They enable us to complete day to day tasks successfully. While some like the heart pull more weight than the others, all body parts are fundamentally important. Did you know that some body parts have special powers? They can perform beyond what we previously thought possible. Here are some amazing things that your body can do!

Your liver can regenerate

The liver is the only organ which can regenerate to produce lost tissue. In case your liver gets damaged, it can mimic the formative stages of childbirth. After that, it regrows as no injury or loss had happened! To date, scientists do not fully understand how it accomplishes this.

Your skin has a sense of smell

Your skin has a sense of smell

One of the most useful capabilities of the human body is to smell our surroundings. It provides us with the information that we need to understand our environment and stay safe. Traditionally, our nose helps with the smell. Researchers have found that the skin too, can smell. Exposure to certain scents makes the skin react by triggering its healing process. An example of such is the scent of sandalwood.

Your bones are more resilient than steel

Except keep everything in place and facilitate locomotion, our bones seem not to do much else. Well, they are actually very interesting. That’s because, at the level of ounces, our bones are actually stronger than steel. They are also very flexible. These qualities are facilitated by their helical structure.

You can see the flavor

Yes, you read that right. Your eyes can actually see flavor. That’s because the brain always goes with what it sees over what it knows. In this way, our eyes can see flavor and prepare the body on what to expect from a sip or a bite. As a matter of fact, they can actually override the taste buds!

The nose can smell STDs

Today’s dating culture is plagued by a high prevalence of Se*ually Transmitted Diseases (STDs). Thankfully, your body can actually detect STDs and protect you from inconvenient suffering. According to a study, women can smell gonorrhea directly from the saliva or armpit samples sourced from men. In this way, they can weed out risky s*xual partners using their sense of smell!

Your brain is a time machine

Your brain is a time machine

Albert Einstein went to great lengths to prove that time is relative. Our perception of time is directly related to our personal position in space. It is also influenced by other factors such as the brain. The brain controls how we experience time. It can even tweak time if need be. This is because our internal clock is very different from real, external time. That’s why time passes quicker when you grow old and even faster when you’re having fun!

The facial expressions can convince the brain to feel emotions

Our facial muscles can conjure a huge array of expressions. Normally, we assume that the expressions indicate exactly what is going on in the brain. Turns out, our expressions can actually influence what is going on in the brain. Essentially, you can trick your brain to feel a particular emotion using your facial expressions. If you are feeling sad, smile and you’ll feel much better!

Spe*m smells the egg

Reproduction is essentially introducing sperm to the vicinity of an egg. The basics of this process have been evaluated for years. After much research, it has been determined that the sperm is able to make it to the egg through a sense of smell. Each sperm has odor receptors. They are designed to find an egg by its scent. Isn’t that amazing?

Cancer cells die in your body every single day

A worrying statistic is that 4 out of 10 people will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lives. Even worse, doctors don’t fully understand how this disease works. Simply put, it is when body cells grow abnormally. Some cancers accelerate cell growth while others slow it down. Thankfully, our bodies fight these cancerous cells on a daily basis. Furthermore, they win more than they lose. The immune system keeps an eye out for cancer cells every single day and destroys them. Unfortunately, the body only has to lose once for cancer to occur.

Your vag*na can clean itself

Your vag*na can clean itself

While the media has demonized v*ginal discharge, it is actually a very good element. Vagin*l discharge is made up of mucus from the cervix and good bacteria. Together, these components clean up the inner walls and also protect against S*xually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) at the same time. In this way, the vagin* can clean itself!

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