Add Volume To Your Hair in Only 5 Minutes!

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Add Volume To Your Hair in Only 5 Minutes

Many women around the world grapple with the reality of flat hair on their heads with little to no volume. Thankfully, it is possible to get substantially voluminous hair. There are ways to boost the volume of your hair depending on the amount of time which you have to spare. As a matter of fact, there are ways to boost the volume of your hair in 5 minutes flat.

Here’s how to get a bigger volume in 5 minutes

Begin with the routine which you use to wash your hair. As you clean your hair, use some volumizing shampoo. After that, apply a volumizer to the roots on your hair while they are wet. Let it stay in and then dry carefully. That’s because the best way to manipulate the roots of your hair is when it is wet.

Once you’ve done this, apply a hair product that starches up your hair. For example, you can use a mouse or a root lifter in this capacity. Whichever product you choose, make sure that it has high alcohol content. A product which has zero moisture levels will promote hardness and stiffness in your hair. It keeps your hair pliable and ensures the establishment and maintenance of volume. Once you have applied the product, dry out the roots of your hair with the hair dryer nozzle pointing upwards.

Add Volume To Your Hair in Only 5 Minutes!
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Do you have 10 minutes to spare?

Boost the volume of your hair using mousse to your hair lengths. Once you apply mousse to your hair, it makes your hair strands larger. This leads to thicker hair that is more pliable than before. After you’ve done this, proceed to blow dry your hair. As you do this, make sure to apply the root lifter. As you conclude, add some hot rollers on the Mohawk section of your head. This gives your hair ample lift at the base.

Attach the diffuser to your blow dryer. Proceed to blast ample heat on your rollers. This creates volume on your hair. After that, blast cold air to set the locks in place.

Add Volume To Your Hair in Only 5 Minutes!

Hair extensions

If you want to boost the length on your hair, extensions are in order. As you pick them out, ensure that they are matched to the color of your hair. This ensures that they match the color of your natural hair and blend in as much as possible. As you apply for the extensions, ensure that they are clipped in angles just a few inches away from your hairline. This is in contrast to the traditional way of applying them across. This strategy takes longer than others. However, it adds volume and length to your hair!

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