15 Strange Facts About America That Are Totally Unbelievable!

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Strange Facts About America

America is the land of the free and the home of the brave. Covering 9.834 million km², it is a large country with millions of people and a wealth of resources. There is quite a lot to know about America. As a matter of fact, some of the characteristics of this country are quite strange. Here are 15 facts about this great country that will impress and amaze you!

  • The United States of America does not have an official language

The USA is known as a melting pot of culture. Most people here speak English. A large portion speaks Spanish and many others speak their own languages. You are bound to find a community of people speaking your language here because there are more than 350 different languages spoken in this country!

  • McDonald’s has employed 1 in 8 people in the USA

McDonald’s is the most popular fast food chain in the world. The company is so big that it employs 1 million workers annually in the USA. Everyone from kids in high school to retirees has worn the McDonald’s apron and flipped burgers!

  • The USA bought Alaska from Russia for 2 cents per acre

The largest state in the USA is Alaska. It was bought from the frigid state of Russia for only $7.2 million. 50 years later, the USA has recouped its investment by a factor of more than 100. This is by exploiting the gold and oil in Alaska.

Strange Facts About America
  • There are no daylight savings times in Hawaii and Arizona

A widely-held misconception is that daylight savings was invented for farmers. This belief is actually untrue. Daylight savings began in the German Empire during World War 2. Despite the activity being so unpopular, majority of the country actually follows it except Arizona and Hawaii.

  • In Montana, there are 3 cows for every person in the state

Montana is an agricultural state. Here, there are a huge number of cows. As a matter of fact, livestock accounts for 2/3 of all the agricultural activity that is performed there. As a result, the state of Montana has 1 million people and only 2.6 million cattle.

  • College sports are strangely popular here

Every year, there is a huge bonanza which is known as March Madness. During this time, college athletes are celebrated so much that they are elevated to elite status. Many of them get million dollar deals to play for professional teams. Seeing as they are just students interested in extracurricular activities, this is quite strange.

  • Unmarried women are responsible for 40% of the births in the USA

For the last 8 years, 40% of all babies have been born to unmarried mothers. This is quite different from 1940 when only 3.8% of babies were born to unmarried parents. In 1969, this number rose to 10%.

  • 1 in 3 Americans suffers from obesity

People often disagree on what causes obesity in America. This problem is so prevalent that according to Body Mass Index (BMI) charts, 1 in 3 Americans is obese. Illnesses that come from this condition routinely cost the country $315 billion in healthcare. Even worse, this condition is spreading more and more every year.

  • It is actually legal for children to smoke in America

It can be regarded as the biggest legal oversight ever! Cigarettes are known to be addictive and pose tremendous health risks. Despite this, it is actually legal for children to light a cigarette and smoke it. It is only illegal for them to buy the cigarette. The only state that does not have this flawed law is Nevada.

  • Majority of the US presidents call Virginia home sweet home

Could this amazing statistic be due to the close proximity between Virginia and the capital of the USA? A total of 8 US presidents call this state home. They include George Washington, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe, William Henry Harrison, Zachary Taylor, John Tyler, and Woodrow Wilson.

Strange Facts About America
  • If you do not have any debt but own a $10 bill, you are wealthier than 15% of all US citizens

The American society is encouraged to borrow money so as to buy the things that they do not have. This is accomplished using methods such as car loans, medical debt, credit card debt, student loans and mortgages among others. With this type of debt on your shoulder, it can all add up and cripple your finances. As a matter of fact, the Federal Reserve indicates that a large section of the overall population has a negative net worth.

  • The average American will spend 4.4 years in each job that they do

These shocking statistics are the reason why many people have long resumes. Employees in America are always seeking salaries that are higher and better benefits instead of staying with one employer over the long term. Interestingly, the average Baby Boomer will hold a total of 10 different jobs between the ages of 18 and 42.

  • There are more people in New York City than in 40 out of the 50 other states

New York City is quite tiny. However, it contains 8.5 million people. This is more than 40 other states combined. As such, it is known as the concrete jungle.

  • Every year, the state of Kansas produces enough wheat to feed the world’s population for 2 weeks

Kansas is a major agricultural state. They grow vast amounts of wheat. If there was a way to distribute it across the world, nobody would go hungry for 2 weeks. This shows the importance of farmers to the USA’s socio-economy and also how big the state of Kansas actually is.

  • At any point in time, there are 5,000 commercial airline planes flying over the USA

If you look up in the sky for long enough, you are bound to see a plane or two flying by. A shocking 5,000 planes are flying over the USA at the same time at any point in time. This makes it quite busy for air traffic controllers. Also, in the USA, flying is the fastest and safest way to get from one place to another.


The USA is a very large country with so much going on inside it. The facts above characterize the country and give a closer look at the people, culture, activity and economic state of the country. They are interesting, accurate and hard to believe!

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