11 Elements in Your House Which Could Be Causing Your Sickness!

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11 Elements in Your House Which Could Be Causing Your Sickness

Whenever we’re at home, we expect to be safe, happy and healthy. Sadly, there are hazards right inside our houses which could be making us sick. Are you experiencing digestive upsets, headaches or respiratory problems? Here are 11 elements which could be making you sick.

Mildew or mold

Mold or mildew grows in every part of the world. These spores usually grow and multiply mostly in hot and humid sections of the house. Examples of these are basements, bathrooms and laundry rooms. Mold or mildew is an active irritant of the respiratory system. Thus, strive to remove it from your house.

11 Elements in Your House Which Could Be Causing Your Sickness
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Heating and air conditioning

Most of our homes usually use a central system for heating and cooling (HVAC). We also boost energy efficiency by putting seals on windows and doors. This may keep us warm but is very bad for our health. HVAC systems don’t bring fresh air into the house. Instead, they filter and recycle indoor air. This leaves all toxins still inside your house. To avoid this, open doors and windows whenever possible. Also, you can limit the implementation of toxic chemicals in your house. You can also install an air-to-air heat exchange system.

The bathroom

Seeing as there is substantial water flow in the bathroom, There is always a high likelihood of humidity and heat there. This can result in the growth of mold and mildew. Moreover, improper cleaning of the bathroom can result in the growth of disease-causing elements such as E. Coli and viruses. If your family members share towels, this can lead to cross-contamination with diseases such as Athlete’s Foot. Therefore, make sure that the bathroom is regularly cleaned using disinfectant. This eliminates the growth of disease-causing organisms.

11 Elements in Your House Which Could Be Causing Your Sickness
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The living room

Everyone from guests to family members uses the living room. Not only do we eat there, we also play with our pets, put our feet up and handle remote controllers there. As such, the living room is a haven for bacteria deposition. To avoid the accumulation of disease-causing elements, clean the living room regularly. Also, implement the use of a vacuum cleaner that has a HEPA filter. This will keep allergens out of the room.

11 Elements in Your House Which Could Be Causing Your Sickness
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The bedroom

We use the bedroom to rest and restore our vitality. Despite the important function of the bathroom, the bedding can store up disease-causing elements. If the sheets or pillows are not cleaned well, they can collect the skin cells that we shed. This attracts dust mites. These parasites can cause very bad allergic reactions. Moreover, unwashed sheets can contain bacteria such as E-Coli and Salmonella which can make us sick.

Improper handling of food

Some of the biggest hazards to our health are illnesses delivered through our food. While many people only suffer a few hours of upset stomachs, dirty food can also cause serious illness and death in extreme cases. Food accumulates dirt if it is not prepared or cooked safely. Issues such as cross-contamination, high temperatures, bad storage and washing with dirty water can all cause food to develop illness. Therefore, food should always be handled hygienically.

The kitchen

This is the heart of the home and should always be in pristine condition. Sections such as the sink, garbage disposal and drain openings need to be kept clean throughout. Otherwise, they can provide a space for the development of parasitic, disease-causing bacteria. Also, you should use separate cutting boards for meat and produce. This prevents cross-contamination. Furthermore, kitchen implements need to be cleaned regularly.

The garage

If your garage is attached to the house, it is a prime spot for disease-causing compounds. If you store paints, solvents, automotive products or paints there, it can cause you to get sick. To prevent this, any containers which are open or corroded need to be stored in a ventilated spot away from the main house. This prevents harmful chemicals from seeping into the house. If there are any cars running in the garage or tools which burn petroleum in the garage. Make sure that you open your windows so as to boost airflow.

11 Elements in Your House Which Could Be Causing Your Sickness
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Cleaning chemicals that are harsh

Some cleaning chemicals are usually very harsh. They can have a caustic effect on the skin. They are also very dangerous for pregnant women. Moreover, some cleaning chemicals should never be mixed together such as ammonia and chlorine bleach. If you need to use a strong, harsh cleaning fluid, wear gloves. Also, open up windows and use a fan to boost overall airflow.

Harmful building materials

Old houses were built using some materials which are very harmful to our health. For example, all houses that were constructed before 1940 had lead paint. Also, houses which had vinyl floors have asbestos. This is a harmful compound that can cause major respiratory problems. Thus, look through your house’s structure and implement the necessary activities so as to make sure that professional removal is performed.

Extensive carpeting

While wall to wall carpeting is beautiful, it is a major platform for the growth of bacteria and dirt. Wall to wall carpeting also harbors pet dander, dust mites and E-Coli. These elements are parasitic or disease-causing to us. Also, brand new carpets usually produce Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). These can cause nose-bleeds and respiratory problems. Thus, wall to wall carpets should be cleaned with HEPA vacuum cleaners on a regular basis.

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