10 Shortcuts for Speed Cleaning Which Can Have Your Home Clean Faster!

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10 Shortcuts for Speed Cleaning Which Can Have Your Home Clean Faster! 1

Many of us don’t like cleaning our homes. We actually want our houses to be clean but we just don’t want to do it ourselves! It takes too long! Thankfully, there are some shortcuts for speed cleaning that you can utilize. They can help you to spend much less time scrubbing and sweeping. This leaves more time for relaxation and resting. These tips only involve a few minutes of cleaning as you perform other tasks around your house. This will save you intense cleaning eventually.

Whenever oven spills occur, tackle them quickly

Did your casserole or your pie boil over in the oven? Here is how to clean it rapidly. Put an oven-proof bowl full of water in the hot oven. After that, turn up the temperature to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Let the bowl boil and the steam fill up the oven. After it has cooled down, wipe the oven with some paper towels or a sponge and you’re done!

Wipe the shower walls down

Shower doors and stalls regularly collect soap scum. It can create a thin, dirty film on these surfaces which can be disgusting to scrub off. To avoid this build up, implement a policy where every member of the household gives the bathtub or shower a quick wipe down using a squeegee or a towel after they are done. 30 seconds every day is much better than half an hour of scrubbing!

10 Shortcuts for Speed Cleaning Which Can Have Your Home Clean Faster!
image source: thespruce.com

Don’t use the ironing board

Did you know that steam can get rid of wrinkles from your clothes? You can use this tip and avoid having to iron your clothes. Simply hang them in the cubicle as you shower to implement this trick.

Put your garbage bags in a specific, convenient spot

Where do you normally put your garbage bags? You can save time by placing them at the bottom of the garbage can. Every time that you empty it, a new bag will be waiting for you.

Remove the clutter from every room

The more stuff you have in the house, the longer it will take you to clean it up. Therefore, take a few minutes every week to declutter every room. Are unable to part with your treasures? Simply put them in a box and remove them from your home’s living space. This eliminates the necessity of having to dust around.

10 Shortcuts for Speed Cleaning Which Can Have Your Home Clean Faster!
image source: thespruce.com

Put a donation box in every closet

Every closet in your house can gain ample benefit from a donation box. If you try on some clothes and discover that they don’t fit you any more, don’t hang them back up. Instead, put them in the donation box. Once it has become full, give the clothes to a charity.

Utilize your appliances

You most likely have direct access to a wide collection of cleaning machines at your fingertips. Your washing machine can clean up quite a number of items for you. Simply place your attention on the water temperature. Your dishwasher can clean sports items and bath toys too. To achieve this, simply put them on the upper rack.

A robotic vacuum cleaner can save you lots of time cleaning the house. Your blender can actually clean itself too. After using it, put some warm water inside along with a drop of dishwashing liquid. Proceed to hit blend. Once it’s done, empty the unit and rinse it well. Are you heating up some water in the microwave? Use the steam to wipe down the interior of the oven.

Make your bed as soon as you get up

Whenever you make your bed, the room looks neater immediately. After you get up, take some time to make it before you get out. Simply sit with your back touching the headboard. After that, pull the comforter and sheets up to your waist. Proceed to slide out of your bed through the side and it’s done!

10 Shortcuts for Speed Cleaning Which Can Have Your Home Clean Faster!
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Laundry day can be easier in this way

Cleaning your clothes just a little at a time is much less overwhelming instead of trying to accomplish everything at the same time. Maintain some baskets around your home which are labeled whites, delicate and colored. Put your dirty clothes in these boxes throughout the week so that they are presorted before laundry day. Also, don’t fold your clothes. Hang them up as soon as they come out of the dryer.

Try to multitask

A few minutes of cleaning can transform the appearance of your home. We all need some time to relax. During this time, you can wipe down the sink or scrub the toilet as you wait for your tub to fill up. Also, as your oven preheats, unload or load your dishwasher. You can also sweep the kitchen toss, leftovers or wipe your counters down. As you chat on your phone, dust the room a bit. Moreover, you can sort your mail as you watch your favorite show!

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